The Shadow of Londaras

Prisoners and Pressing Forward

The adventurers pressed forward from their recent excitement… It seemed throughout the whole instance, the group could NOT figure out how to divvy up the loot they had gotten, but Daemon still insisted on keeping the gems, instilling the his dwarven ways that the group can’t quite get a grasp on. While Mella seemed to oblige, others were hesitant to his yearn for gems and the loot was never truly dispersed…

As the night came however, and the adventurers moved on from their material needs (only to be settled at a later unspecified time), they decided how to keep watch on Aegert as the guards still could not be trusted. In the modest prison within the stone cold walls, Mella took the first watch as she wanted to get a good night of uninterrupted sleeps. The others headed to their quarters and, after some speculative observation, gently confronted Aegert in her valiant effort to find the missing brothers. Aegert responded coldly, however, stating that the adventurers had already met the boys and insulting Mella, causing her to have a moderate eruption of anger in slamming the prison door and awaking Pierre for his night watch.

In transition, Mella was anxious to sleep and quickly informed Pierre of her exchange with the prisoner, who surprisingly was not attempting to find release from his capture. Pierre had a curious hunch and mentioned the two shadows to Mella, who quickly blew it off in a shaky manner and went to bed. Pierre, sparked the Mella’s quick inquisition, knew he must question the strange man that was Aegert. This revealed disheartening information that the two shades the adventurers had previously defeated were the two boys… yet Aegert snickered in claim that he was merely fulfilling a request of the brothers. Growing ever more speculative of the dozing Aegert, Pierre attempts to detect magic in the prisoner’s presence and finds nothing; he digresses to distraction in the familiarity of his loot.

As Pierre completed his shift, he awoke Daemon, giving him a debrief of what he and Mella had discovered in their shifts. Daemon seemed to immediately dive into a sea of searching, as if he would find something that night or something… something might happen. Seeking to no avail, Daemon returned to the sleeping prisoner and abruptly wakes him up. Asking a drowsy Aegert his constitution of actions, Aegert responds with a simple “to survive…. the boys of the aspiring youth and…” Daemon interrupted— “You look frail.” Egert closed his eyelids in annoyance and Daemon finished his watch with an admiration of his gems, even giving them a taste.

For the shift switch of Daemon and Whitacre, Daemon noticed that Whitacre didn’t seem to be sleeping well, or at all, as if he is restless. He attempts to talk to Whitacre, but is waved off as Whitacre is in his typical mood of not responding to Daemon’s dwarven personality. Whitacre hardly watches the prisoner and his time awake is uneventful, until the time comes to wake Naeris for her shift. Whitacre softly brings Naeris back from her stupor and explains further his relations and why she piques his interest, practically offending her in admitting that he only admires her in a paternal yearning sense, which Naeris misunderstands and abruptly ends their exchange, leaving Whitacre to stumble back asleep, if you could call it that.

Naeris, after her coarse confabulation, only hopes for a peaceful night and doesn’t probe Aegert, leaving the others to sleep until they each awake. Mella, taunting Aegert with faces, gives a friendly morning yell to Pierre for breakfast, unexpectedly ignored as Pierre is asleep. Daemon surprises Pierre with a wakeup to which he jumps up with and, without saying any words, went into a spell of singing and cooking. After all awaking, they gather that Aegert has admitted to committing acts, but is still ignoring them for the most part and can’t get too much out of him. The guards come to take the prisoner and of course they wouldn’t trust them with such a task so the adventurers decide to escort the guards. While this is happening, the group only remembers that Whitacre was still asleep as he walked out from his slumber, trying his hardest to ignore the group but eventually giving into food, albeit in awkward silence still uneasy about his remarks with Naeris.

The group goes out to escort the guards, learning their names; Thori, the younger brute, along with Giles and Aneeyas. The group drops off their gold directly to the orphanage and, with the loot playing down the trail, Mella makes friends with Thori, in her usual virtuous demeanor. Almost forgetting Aegert’s presence, Daemon notices something strange in the hay ahead on the trail… Whitacre perceived the strange environment as well and casts firebolt in the direction to burn the hay and scare any adversaries out. A group of Kobolds, a type of humanoid rodents offering an unpleasant site to any caravan travelers of the area, appear and, although known for ambushing upon near proximity aggravation, the group avoids this with a ranged attack.

The small skirmish ends with Mella prevailing in her attacks but nearly dying in a group effort of the kobolds to take her down. The caravan is untouched and, after Pierre performed a meak healing of Mella, the adventurers carried on!



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