The Shadow of Londaras

Continuing towards Bright Citadel

Damon has no time for details

Late Afternoon with a clear road for now.

Continue further down the road and will be camping for the night.

Road merges with another main road and we see travelers along the way. We decided to take no interactions.

Approaching Night Fall. Guiles (NPC) wants to set up camp and do rounds. 200-300 ft off the road and set up camp in front of a raised hill.

Approached by wonderer…. “Joseph” he’s a seller. He joins us at the fire and “Whitaker” is asking for the wand. He begins to examine it. Made of Hazel and will cast detect magic 2x a day. Offer is for 30gp.

Damon buys the Robe for 10gp. Robe feels like it will help me in battle. 2gp for the potion 10gp for the wand. Naeris went ahead and paid the 10gp for the Wand.

Joseph left camp

We are now taking turns doing shifts watching Aegert.

Hour 1 = Guards, Hour 2 = Pierre, Hour = 3 Whitaker, Hour 4 = Damon.

Naeris does her 4 hours. Damon will check the perimeter and look into the dark.

Doesn’t notice anything or source of the noises.

Pierre (Justin) is asleep. He flurries briefly, but shutters his eyes closed.

Aegert escapes as the sun rises and the guards chase after him. Then they trip over a sleeping man.

Naeris and Damon wake up first. Then followed by Whitaker and Pierre.

Guards take Aegert back and then Maella Ties him up and she joins the group.

NEW CHARACTER FANNO!!!! “Name is same as purpose… simply Wonder”

Wonder is Human – avg height. Thick boots. Longish hair and organized. Gloves with his pack of gear. Wearing a cloak. Worn, but other than that clean and pretty standard. Tan. Brown Eyes. Black hair.



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