Spells have somantic and verbal components – Act them out!

  • No. I cast guiding bolt
  • Yes. Boris raises a hand up in the air whilst chanting, you can see sweat pouring down his brow as he focuses. A large spark emits from his hand and no more than a second later appears a spear of pure light. He grits his teeth as he hurls the bolt towards his foe.

Speak and act in the third person as often as possible

  • No. Where do you think we should go next?
  • Yes. Jorman looks around the group worriedly and asks, “Where do you think we should go next?”

Encourage yourself to take more “character to character” and less “player to player” action. Narrate as the character, not as the player! Immerse yourself and have fun!

  • No. Well what do you guys want to do?
  • Yes. Gendrick addresses his comrades, “Well, what do ye’ lads think we should do?”
  • Even better. Gendrick sighs at the sight of the dead nobles laying before the party, “Well, what do ye’ lads think we should do?”

Interact with the environment

  • grab an apple from a tree
  • Snatch a drink from the waitresses tray
  • Read a book on the desk

Every time someone attacks, say what they will do. Theatrics!

  • No. I want to attack the beholder with my sword
  • Yes. I want to run at the beholder, while drawing my sword. I yell out, “FOR LYTHANDER!” as I bring my blade down on it.

Convey Body language, say what your character does before they speak. This doesn’t always need to be done. But can add flavor.

  • No. Rosaline addresses the wealthy merchant “Perhaps you could make an exception for us?”
  • Yes. Rosaline bats her eyelashes and blushes shyly as she addresses the merchant, “Perhaps you could make an exception for us?”

Recall stories and memories (Even if recent)

  • “Couldn’t sleep last night because I heard two elves going at it. Sounded like drowinin’ cats.” Targan says with a bellowing laugh.
  • Reina smiles a bit as she takes in the fresh morning air "Ah yes. My father brought me here once. I remember this place is famous for its bread, one time… ""
  • The watch reminds Lucian of the men who killed his wife and he turns away.

State questions/feelings/banter. Create a personal atmosphere that the character can share.

  • Playfully criticize the rogue for falling out a window.
  • Ask whether they like apple brandy, or something stronger.
  • Tell the flower girl that you feel bad that she makes so little money, and toss her a copper.

Consider not telling people your class. In fact, make something better up!

  • I’m a Paladin (Says the rogue)
  • I’m an arcane scholar
  • I’m just a humble blacksmith
  • I’m just a villager from the town of Evervale

Magic should be fun, and creative.

  • I cast fireball at the ghouls. (BLAND!)
  • Harun wave his hands in the air and it seems to blur a bit. An ember sparks in the center, and not even a few seconds later, a large ball of fire rests between his hands. He rears back thrusting his palms forward as he tosses it at the ghouls.
  • Eris taps her wand a few times only for a small spark to appear. She frowns a bit discouraged as she inspects the device. A sudden flash and large boom emits from the wand as it nearly knocks her off her feet, sending a spiraling ball of flame towards the ghouls.

Stumped on what to do or how to act in a situation? Remember your senses!

  • Kalik nearly vomits at the smell of the trolls breath in his face.
  • Sera sizes the corrupt diplomat up, gritting her teeth and spitting at his feet in disgust.
  • Adel splashes his face with the cool water. The refreshing touch is the best thing he has felt since they entered this desert.
  • A tear streams down Ophellias face as she hears the sound of her comrade being devoured by the darkness.
  • A grin crosses Rurins face as he bites into the biscuit. The delicious butter melts in his mouth and leaves crumbs in his beard.

Give the players creative freedom over killing a mob with a crit. (They LOVE this stuff!)

  • Warren skillfully steps to the side and strikes at the hobgoblin with his dagger. It sticks in the creatures eye as he spins bringing his shortsword horizontally across the goblins neck, decapitating it and showering him in blood.
  • Aria thrusts her hands forward and fires a blast of energy from her hands. It envelops the bandits body and he screams out as his flesh and bones melt away. All that remains is ash and dust.


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