The Shadow of Londaras

Shadows and fisherman

...and dart fishing

Our adventurers continued searching for clues to find their missing gold. They’ve gathered various bits and pieces of information from the orphanage and innkeeper, casting strong suspicions on Hames Helmund’s two missing sons: Enryn Helmund and Aldwit Helmund.

To confirm their suspicions and, hopefully, to find out first hand where their gold has gone, the group agrees to stay a night at the Helmunds’ home. Although the house looked mostly abandoned, their belief was that they boys must have a place to stay since they haven’t returned to the orphanage, and their original home was the next logical choice.

After a hearty meal prepared by Pierre, the lutist, the adventurers sleep overnight at the Helmund house, setting up a night watch rotation. The night passed uneventfully, until Naeris’s turn for the watch came around. Not satisfied with staying inside the confines of the house, the lady in black ventured outside, and meandered along the river’s shore.

In the distance, across the river, Naeris’s keen eyes caught a glimpse of two figures heading North. Although it was difficult to see details, Naeris was sure the figures were the two boys they were searching for. Unable to cross the river without losing track of the shadows in the distance, Naeris stalked them as best as she could from her side of the river; however, once they reached the treeline to the North of the village, it wasn’t long before the density of the forest canopy became too much for moonlight to pierce through, and seeing the two shadowy figures was no longer possible. Naeris headed back to the Helmund house, and awaited dawn to tell the waking group of the nights events.

Our adventurers rose with the sun, then followed Naeris’s report and made their way North along the West bank of river. After an hours walk into the forest, they hear the voices of men a short distance in front of them. Naeris and Pierre are dispatched to scout ahead, made wary by the strange troubles Nimbre has been facing recently. They discover a group of 4 men, seemingly just relaxing and fishing by the riverside, their canoes nearby.

Pierre carefully approaches the men, while Naeris decides to stay hidden. Pierre nervously tries to engage the men in useful conversation, attempting to glean information of their purpose here. The men refuse to entertain the suspicious lutist’s awkward interrogation, and instead draw their crude weapons – machetes and skinning knives.

And thus began the first encounter of real danger to our adventurers.

PS: As Naeris and Pierre scouted ahead, Mella decided use her darts to try and land herself a fresh meal from the river. With skills belying her age and appearance, she fired a dart with a swift swing of her arm, and pierced a pale glimmer beneath the water’s surface. 6 lbs of bass struggled to survive, as Mella grabbed it out of the water, her mouth drooling.



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