The Shadow of Londaras

Shadow and Blood

Darkness writhing

Surrounded and beaten, the magick adept knew these could be his final moments. The group had torn through his partner and subordinates with little trouble, and they all stood within or two arm-lengths of him now, mercifully obscuring his view of the lifeless bodies on the cavern floor.

The dwarf wasted no time, and threatened him and his life without hesitation. All sense of wit and calm were expelled from the adepts body, carried away by ale-stenched breath and arms as thick as the adept’s own neck; and these arms did not intend to keep his head secure to his body. The adept broke down, and truth spilled from his mouth, as his fear-addled mind became incapable of a lie.

Damon and Pierre took turns asking questions, but the effort was fruitless. The adept knew nothing about the boys beyond the fact that they come and go, and the identity of his employer remained a mystery even to his own employees. The person at the heart of the bandits in the cavern, and who is most likely bathing in stolen gold, did a fantastic job managing all these people without so much as a name given; although the bandits have not been too difficult so far to deal with, so perhaps management wasn’t as great as it could have been.

The group moved forward, and quickly ran into their most peculiar, and dangerous, foes thus far – a pair of shapeless shadows that materialized from the myriad cracks in the cavern wall. Their attacks were black tendrils that cut as well as any blade, and their weaknesses were unknown. Physical attacks seemed to have minimal or no affect, and even Whitacre’s magick flames looked as if they dissipated upon contact with them. After what seemed like an endless struggle towards certain death, the shadows suddenly faded into nothing with the continued assault from blades, flames, arrows, and staves. Victory had come to our adventurers, but at the cost of critical and near-fatal wounds.

It was decided that leaving the cavern and setting up camp outside, in the cover of the forest, was the best option for recuperating safely.



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