The Shadow of Londaras

Scrolls and Orphans

and mysteries

The tavern in Nimbre’s central plaza had its most interesting lot of patrons in a long while – probably since its inception.

The group wasn’t particularly unique at the start – some ale, turkey legs, attempted courting… a typical night at the tavern. It wasn’t until after their rest at the inn that Nimbre’s perfect visage began to show its cracks.

Their restful night was countered with a substantial loss in coin, noticed in the waking morning – half of each of their gold had gone missing. Worse yet, there was no clue as to how it was removed; no signs of a disturbance and no trail.

After speaking to a distraught and apologetic innkeeper, our adventurers grouped together reluctantly to speak to the mayor and report the crime. Unfortunately, this only resulted in a pitiful offer to restore a fraction of the gold they had lost – it turns out that this unusual crime has been happening with increasing frequency in the recent months, and the town coffers have been spread thin as a result.

The mayor reasoned with our adventurers, explaining the difficulties the town has been facing lately – the mysterious and perfect thefts, the string of deaths of able-bodied men and women, the disappearances of their children, and even the gradual tainting of their prized water source.

Rather than accept excuses and a pitiful payout, our adventurers took recovery of their gold into their own hands. They first headed to the orphanage in the hopes to find out more about the most recently admitted children, whose father had been found dead in his corn field. Of the children, they found the youngest daughter, who had told them about the strange behavior of her two older brothers: The two brothers had been leaving in the middle of the night, and then returning before sun up. On their last outing, they hadn’t returned. Meanwhile, the lute player, Pierre, finds a paper inscribed with runes of some sort in a hidden compartment of a dresser. The dresser belonged to one of the brothers, bringing further questions to their behavior.

The brothers were too suspicious to ignore, so our adventurers stopped by the childrens’ old home, from before the orphanage took them in. It was there that the first real connection was made – Pierre and the lady in black, Naeris, entered one of the boy’s rooms and took out the rune-inscribed paper they had discovered earlier, triggering a reaction from the paper. The paper began to hum and, upon placing the paper on the ground, the runes began to glow. In another moment, gold had appeared upon the paper, the humming stopped, and the runes faded and broke.

As Pierre and Naeris hurried to divide their discovery (mostly between themselves), they quickly realized that their coin pouches were again lighter – the gold was none other than half of what they were carrying. The event mirrored what they experienced that morning.

The rest of the group then gathered, and the findings were relayed. More searches turned up more scrolls, similar to the first, and revealed another hint: a spot of blood in each of the ceilings’ four corners of the other bedrooms.

Our adventurers continue to piece together what little hints they have, searching for further clues pointing to their lost gold and, perhaps, the reason for the troubles Nimbre has been facing…



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