The Shadow of Londaras

Chapter 1


After many days, weeks, possibly even months, you arrive in the town of Nimbre as the sun begins to set.

It is a town that keeps its place on the map by way of agriculture – many large farms of grains, and pastures of livestock and animals, supply neighboring villages with vital sustenance. Nimbre also acts as the central meeting point amongst the numerous smaller villages in the area. The self-sustaining town is prosperous thanks to the nearby river, which provides remarkably clean, drinkable freshwater, and nutrients for the soil.

Besides the nearby towns, however, the most important of its patrons is the city known as The Bright Citadel – a port city within white, 20 foot high walls, and home to thousands. Although the Citadel has its own land to harvest from, Nimbre’s fruit, grains, and meats are noticeably better tasting; perhaps due to their quality water and soil. What the Citadel is missing by way of food quality, it more than makes up for in utility – It is the doorway to far-off lands, with hundreds of ships entering and leaving its ports on a daily basis.

An easy 2 days travel (by horse or wagon) from Nimbre, supply caravans have long since carved a road into the gentle hills between Nimbre and The Bright Citadel.

Tired from your journey, and with the setting sun’s final rays signaling its departure, you walk into the tavern in the heart of the town to quench your thirst and fill your stomach…



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